Los Sugar Kings are a Boston-based quartet known for their dynamic live performances, rich harmonies, intense musicianship and ability to transcend genres with an authenticity rarely heard. In their world, respect is paid to the forefathers and traditions of Afro-Cuban Son, Salsa and Rumba-Flamenca but Los Sugar Kings (named after a Cuban baseball team) also actively draw on influences from nearly every continent in their unique roots-rock-reggae fusion repertoire. 

All are highly accomplished on their instruments, however the true magic of Los Sugar Kings is how these four individuals come together to put on a performance worthy of any festival, party, club or concert hall. Every show is an intimate dialogue between the band and their audience, with both sides communicating in a manner that is spontaneous, passionate, thoughtful and joyous. They did knock out shows last year in Depot Park, and last fall in Bass Hall. Be prepared for something unusual, energizing, and fabulous. 

Patino Vazquez
Vocals, Guitar & Tres Cubano

Mikael Mersha
Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Bass

Daniel Abreu
Vocals, Saxophone & Keyboards

Benny Benson
Vocals, Drums & Percussion