Make Peterborough your destination!
For a little town of just over 6,000, you'll find that Peterborough has an amazing amount to offer. The charming downtown is easily navigated on foot, and you'll find interesting shops, museums, galleries, and of course restaurants. Just a few miles away is Mt. Monadnock - the most climbed mountain in North America, as well as countless other hiking opportunities. There are cozy accommodations, and nearby campgrounds, so you can spend enough time here to enjoy many different things. Here are a few of the cultural amenities you can enjoy in and around Peterborough

World-class summer theater.
Gallery and Exhibits
Historical exhibits, museum, concerts, lectures and presentations. 

Music in Peterborough
In addition to Music in Depot Park, the following organizations offer concerts across a wide spectrum of musical genres. 

Visitors will find a pleasing selection of interesting and original shops and eating establishments.
So, if you are coming from out of town for a Music in the Park concert, come early, and stay late, or even over at one of our charming lodging facilities.